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Summer Confessions

                   I LOATHE THE HEAT. PERIOD.

Hey everyone !! So let me start off by telling you that I’m going to sound ironic but yeah, the most dreadful season of all the seasons has arrived… (Well, for me atleast) I’ve lived in the hottest cities all my life: Dubai, Houston, and now Karachi. We hardly get a month of winters here so we try to make the most of it. So when it’s hot, it’s ridiculously HOT! I’ve been breathing summer since the day I was born *sigh*. Although I’m an October baby, it’s still hot in these places! I mean it! I’ve always pretended to like it, but I can’t anymore! Time to speak my heart out!

Sometimes I wish, I could just teleport to the northpole! For many of us summer is just a miserable, sweaty, unproductive season. Don’t wanna sound uptight but honestly I’m not a summer girl at all! HELL NO! I know many of you long for summers to wear your skimpy clothes, bake yourselves on the beach, sip on your pimms, sleep naked under your covers.. But, this certainly isn’t me at ALL!

So moving on to the ‘oh so many reasons why I hate summers’:


I hate applying that gooey, white shit all over my face, hands etc. That’s why I don’t. HA! I don’t care about the stupid carcinogenic rays; that blaring sun needs to take a chill! I know being a MUA this may sound weird, but this is just a personal opinion. I would avoid peak hours of the bright sun! And I would opt for foundation containing SPF.

200w_d (5)


I do not like sitting at home. I’m an outgoing person; I love going out and breathing in fresh air! Going to the malls or restaurants is not an option for me in summers.. Uh uh. Fresh air means ‘fresh‘ air. I rather stay indoors.


Sometimes, I seriously feel like crying my eyes, heart, lungs out! It stresses me out and I get annoyed very easily! It’s hard to tell if it’s the mood swings, the people around me or the weather? Don’t blame me! Definitely the  weather it is! Just try to cope with me!200w_d


 Who likes to work, or do chores at home on a hot summer day?  Oh did I just write day as in singular? Excuse me.. I meant day’S’ *sigh*. There’a a fine line between lazy and dead. I think I’ve crossed it!

200w_d (6)


Can’t do that in summers. I love getting cozy, wear my fuzzy pj’s and slippers, with my hot cuppa loaded with mini marshmallows. But, I can’t have such hot beverages in summer.. God damn it!



I recently got hooked on to baking. I had been trying so many different recipes, and was actually loving the whole experience! I’m totally hating the word ‘Kitchen’ nowadays. Turning on the oven means a literal meltdown!  Blahh..

200w_d (3)


What could be worse than an air conditioner not giving it’s best? Even the poor air conditioner is on it’s verge of survival. You make sure they’re working perfectly fine, and are maintained properly!

200w_d (4)


Tossing, and turning your pillows all night? Not getting a peacful sleep; with uninvited mosquito’s and insects buzzing in your ears, biting into your beautiful flesh; which leaves you scratching all night long! Hello summer! -__-

200w_d (2)


Oh the long, hot, fetid humid days!! Excessive sweating can get prettyyy embarrassing! Get rid of those body odors! Some people just don’t take the word ‘deodorants’ too seriously! Time to get this straight— shower and stock up on those antiperspirants!! Antiperspirant is the key to survival in this season! You don’t wanna kill anyone with your stinky existence!!



Now is the time to show some love  and respect to summer; FRUITS!! The one and only thing I love about summer! I love how it brings the juciest, ripest fruits. Watermelons, honey melons, mangoes, peaches, apricots etc. Simply amazing!


Let me know which season are you fond of and why? How many of you feel me here? Would love to hear from you! Hope you enjoyed reading! Meanwhile, i’m just gonna go and daydream about me being in the northpole making snow angels, and having snowball fights! Oh how I envy those people who are enjoying winters at this time!

Until next time


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Strong Brow Game

Hello there beauties! I’ve been really lazy with my posts sorryyyy!! I’m here with an eyebrow routine today, well it’s more of how I ‘fill’ them in. I figured it was high time I did this since everyone has literally been talking about ‘perfect brows’ nowadays. Well since last year!

As many of you might very well be aware of the latest trend which is hot, bold brows! Yes, I said ‘bold’ and not ‘bushy’.There’s a fine line between the two..ladies! Bold, yet tamed. LOL!  No offence to the ladies with thin brows, you can always make them look full and plus you’re at advantage of shaping your brows differently whenever you want *hugs*.

Alot of women tend to think; the higher the arch, the better they look.”Sorry honey, you’re doing it wrong.” The natural, the better. It’s all about how well you groom & maintain them. Luckily, I’m blessed with full eyebrows, yeah it’s in the genes baby! But, I have to confess – I’ve had thin brows before… umm let’s not go there 😛

I’ve been really over-protective about my brows lately, and have been taking care of them/grooming them myself. That’s okay right? “Ain’t nobody messin with my brows, hear me?” I realized how important it is to have perfect, symmetrical eyebrows as they frame your eyes and face; just completes the whole look. Eyebrows are meant to be sisters and not twins. But we know the struggle, don’t we?

Most of the girls use eyebrow pencils, but I prefer using matte eyeshadow or eyebrow powder. I just feel more comfortable using it, and have more control. So let’s get started with the tutorial.

Things you will need:

Spoolie/brow brush

Angled brush

Matching matte eyeshadow/brow powder


Concealer brush IMG_20150502_142808


Using your spoolie, brush out your hair.



Line the bottom of your brow with a free hand using your angled brush following the natural shape/arch of your brows. Do NOT blend at this time.



Line the upper part of your brows doing the same. Fill in the brows where you see any gaps with light hair like strokes. Keeping in mind that eyebrows are lighter at the start.



Using the spoolie, you can now blend! Spoolie has tough bristles which makes it easier to blend giving a natural look to the brows. So, blend away! No fine lines should be seen.



Once blended, apply the concealer on the outer, and inner part of the brows to give them a more perfect, defined look.



Blend the concealer! See the difference?


Tadaaaaa there you have it! Hope this tutorial helped you guys! Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂

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Hellooo readers!  Sorry I have been MIA, wasn’t feeling too good 😦 but now I’m back on track! So I was upto something crazy a few days back as I mentioned on my twitter (if you’ve been following me). So with that being said, I did this SFX makeup for the first time ever! 😀 I know it’s not halloween yet, but… I’ve been wanting to do this since a very LONGGGG time!! I’m reallyyy SORRYY if I’m going to gross some of you out ❤ but please forgive me for that. This is going to be a long post! So bear with me.. You’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing it. So if you’re interested, keep on reading 😊

What inspired me to do this? The famous ‘WALKING DEAD’ series! I freakin love it soooo much! The actors have done an amazing job! So addicted to that show. Do I have any Walking Dead followers here?

So I was sitting around the other day with nothing to do. I googled some images and got some reference. I always wanted to do SFX makeup!! Well, what stopped me? All those fancy expensive products! Darn it! But, I realized you don’t need all that HA! If you’re crazy enough, you’ll find ways! 😉

Seriously! You can do this with the things lying around your house! SFX makeup hack? Hell yeah! And believe me this was my FIRST try ever! Woohoo! I literally freaked everyone out in my family & friends! The reactions were PHENOMENAL!!! HAHA!! WIN! Had so much fun doing it! Took only 30 mins of my time.

So let’s begin! I’ll start with the products I used, followed with step by step pictures to make it easier for you.


Crafts glue
An art brush to apply the glue
Skin matching foundation
A makeup sponge
Nail filer
Any setting powder, transclucent powder etc.
Brown, black, purple, blue & red eyeshadows


1tbsp Corn syrup
1tsp Cocoa powder (for deep venous color)
Red food color (desired color)
1 drop Blue food color
1 drop Green food color
Cornstarch for (desired thickness)

NOTE: Try to keep the color as real as possible. The blood will make the wound look REAL!


1. Make the fake blood and set aside.

2. Tear up the tissue in pieces, each slightly shorter than the other (you don’t want the fine edges).

3. Apply the glue where you want the wound to be. Mix a few drops of water to thin it out.

4. Start layering. Glue, tissue, glue tissue and repeat.You need 3-4 layers. Make sure the edges are glued down properly!

5. Let dry. COMPLETELY.  (Yes, I was totally appetent at this time!) 😛


This is where the fun begins! Time to play with colors! 😀

6. Apply the matching foundation all over the wound. Leaving no traces of tissue.

7. Set the foundation with the powder.

8. Use a nail filer to make a slit in the middle of the tissue. Adjust the slit depending on how visible you want the wound to be.

9. Add in the colors. Use black to give the wound some depth. So add the black in the slit. Bruise the wounded area using red and purple eyeshadow. And some brown to give it a more raw effect!


10. Last but not the least … Add the BLOOD for the most gruesome, gory, gut-churning effect!!! 😁


Hope you enjoyed this post! I certainly enjoyed doing this. It was a great experience! 😀

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Until next time


Sexy, Red Nails by ‘Rimmel’

Hey hey bloggers! I’m here again with a product review.. It’s all about nails today; perfect, sexy red nails! Can never go wrong with a beautiful versatile red nail color now can you? Do you own the perfect red? I bet everyone owns a bloody beautiful red nail laquer! So wether it’s a night out with your girlfriends, or a dinner date with your handsome man.. a casual lunch, or just a family get together .. You can never go wrong with pretty red nails! And they look amazing with pretty much every attire! This beautiful color is by RIMMEL LONDON SALON PRO from the Kate Moss collection named ‘ 703 Rock n Roll ‘. It’s a beautiful dark red which has a pink undertone to it, but once applied it comes out really bright! image Packaging is pretty standard, I totally love the matte cap! It comes with a wide, flat, square brush which helps you to apply the product quickly with a perfect coverage. Speaking of application, I was impressed from the first stroke: coverage is almost completely opaque from the first coat. You don’t really need a second coat, but I always do 2 coats, umm it’s a habit of mine or you can say… self satisfaction? Hehe! It is super-glossy! It dries off quickly (we need that when we’re in a rush right?) 😉 I’m absolutely loving it! Well for now until I find a better one 😉 image image Oh yes the only thing I don’t like about it is that it stains the fingernails .. I know.. *BUMMER * 😦

Would love to know which one’s are your favourite at the moment, let me know in the comments below 🙂

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I’ll soon be on facbook as well! 🙂

Until next time


Let’s Talk Versace!

Hello there again beauties! In search of a good perfume? Still confused? Well, I’m here with my first product review..which is my favourite fragrance nowadays ❤ It sure is getting warmer and THIS is the perfect scent! I love perfumes! and their bottles?? Even more!! Who doesn’t? 😀 Fruity, fresh, long-lasting is my thing! My current favourite has to be the ‘Versace Bright Crystal Absolu’ Ohhh goodness! how I love it so much!! What I love about it is that it’s LONG LASTING! And second, the packaging. A good perfume has to be long lasting or else.. THROW it away! 😀  I’m not kidding here! I mean come on, investing in a good perfume means it should be amazing and not worthless! I’ve had such disastrous experiences which I would like to share in a different post 😦 So anyhoo! On to the Bright Absolu and it’s deets.

PACKAGING: Well, It arrives as 50 ml & 90ml. The flacone is amazing! It’s beautiful, cute & a perfect bright fuscia pink which I suppose any girl would fall for! Yes! I do go for the looks, can’t help it! 😉 Can you? On the cap is the Versace signature ‘Medusa’ emblem. Just so beautiful! PicsArt_1428746694554 PicsArt_1428746741034~01 FRAGRANCE: This is a classy fruity  fragrance with sheer florals. Very pleasant, refereshing and feminine. Top notes is a blend of yuzu, pomegranate and accords of ice, yummy raspberry, lotus, peony and magnolia. The base incorporates more of musk, amber, and Acajou wood. This scent makes me feel happy, relaxed and energetic whenever I wear it. 🙂 Yippee!! Sweet and floral at first, but the intensity fades away after some time which makes it even more PERFECT and then you can smell the musk, amber and acajou wood and it then blends into your skin beautifully and believe me, a little spritz goes a LONG way!

• Super long-lasting!

• Perfect for spring.. pair it up with your beautiful floral dresses this season 🙂

10/10 👌

I’m aware of the fact that everyone has their own taste, but hey why not help you guys with a choice ? 🙂 Hope you liked my review. If you have further questions regarding this perfume I’ll be happy to answer all your concerns in the comments section below 🙂

“A women who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.”- Coco Chanel

Until next time Xx

Nude Eyes & Vampire Lips

Hey hey beautiful! 🙂 So I’ll be sharing a detailed makeup look today! Yes! That means I’ll be listing all the products used in the look I created! I mean isn’t it just amazing how you can come up with such infinite beautiful makeup looks?! And plus, the internet’s filled with so many inspirations! ❤ I love every bit of it! ❤ I love being creative! It’s not just simple everday makeup I’m interested in, I love taking it to the next level..and by next level, I mean creating weird, fun wicked looks which I’ll be featuring in my future posts. You just gotta have fun with it! Have fun doing things which you love! If you are as passionate as me, then you might as well understand what I’m saying 😉 hehe..

I’ll be giving all the detailed product info (This is the part I hate actually) 😛 I’m being very honest here 😉 But anything for my followers! :*

So let’s begin!
I’ve used Kryolans Tv paint stick in fs45 & fs38

Set it with Etude’s matte loose powder

Etudes contour/blush palette

Coastal scents 88 eyeshadow palette. Used the brown shade.

Etude eyeshadow palette
Highligter: Pk001
Crease: Br302 and Pk002
Lids: Br301
Lower lash line: coastal scents brown color
Eyeliner: Kryolan’s aqua liner in black
Waterline: Nyx jumbo pencil in milk
Mascara: Rimmel’s accelerator (double coat)

Black eyeliner (kryolan’s aqua liner) yep! you read that right! I applied eyeliner on my lippiess!!  And mixed it with Rimmel’s ‘Mayfair Red Lady’  I lovee this shade! Rimmel’s lipsticks are AMAZING!! I’ve never worn such dark shades on my lips! 😀 This was my first go! Sooo.. What do ya think?

Until next time!